USIL Psychology Program Holds Educational Psychology Conference for Professionals

In line with the university’s Research pillar of action, the USIL College of Humanities, through its Psychology program, organized the first Educational Psychology Conference on Friday, August 24th. The event was held on the Admiral Miguel Grau Campus in La Molina, with the participation of 150 professionals, including educators, psychologists and the principals of prestigious Lima schools.

The speeches, which were given by expert psychologists with extensive experience related to the subject matter, highlighted the importance of Educational Psychology in the current context. Dr. Norma Reátegui, dean of the USIL College of Humanities, opened the event indicating the need for psychology as the foundation for structuring educational models at every level.

Dr. Alejandro Dioses, director of the Instituto Psicopedagógico EOS Perú, addressed the importance of language assessment, which he said was a fundamental psychological process for classroom learning. Subsequently, he shared comprehensive strategies for diagnosing language disorders applicable to today’s students.

Claudia Combe, a psychologist at Colegio Antares, spoke about strategies for training children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) on social and emotional skills. Among these, she highlighted the recognition and identification of emotions as a source of child development.

Lastly, the speech by Magaly Meléndez, a psychologist specializing in learning problems, focused on stimulation of proto-mentalist skills for early childhood development.

The event provided a space for academic discussion, enabling participants to stay up-to-date professionally. It also positions the USIL Psychology program as a source of professional development and opens spaces such as the “II Congreso Internacional de Evaluación Psicológica: Perspectivas y Desafíos de la Psicología Educativa” (II International Psychological Assessment Congress: Perspectives and Challenges of Educational Psychology), to be held on November 22nd and 23rd on our Fernando Belaunde Terry campus. Renowned local and international speakers will be participating in the event. 


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