The Training Plan in Research was initiated for the Institute of Entrepreneurs USIL

The research vice-rectorship, with the aim of contributing to the development of knowledge and innovation, started the Research Training Plan for the Institute of Entrepreneurs USIL.

The purpose of this project is to strengthen the investigative competencies of the teachers and administrative team of USIL. The program began on April 30 and will run until September.

The workshop is composed of four mandatory modules, which will be dictated by recognized specialists such as Dr. Karen Alfaro Mendives, Mag. Jessica Loyola Romani and Ms. Diana Saavedra Vásquez. The modules are: Research Problematization, Systematic Search of the Scientific Literature, Research Project and Scientific Writing.

In order for the projects to be published in high-impact journals, it is a pre requisite that all participants attend the first session of each course-workshop with a previously identified research topic. Through this initiative, USIL promotes research as an essential part of the professional development of its collaborators.