More than 300 students from different schools in Lima participated in the ILMUNC Peru 2018, held in USIL

With great enthusiasm and after three days of intense debates, negotiations, and diplomatic agreements; on Sunday, August 19, the third edition of the Annual Model Conference of the United Nations - "ILMUNC Peru 2018" was closed.

The event, co-organized by the International Debate Promoter (Pride Peru) and the International Affairs Association (IAA) of University of Pennsylvania, and sponsored by the Center for Global Education (CGE) and the School of Law USIL – had the participation of 305 students from 20 schools in Lima, mostly from the 5th year of high school.

This year's Ivy League Model United Conference (ILMUNC) had the participation of delegations of students from the most prestigious schools in Lima and abroad, representing the different countries of the UN in debates on issues of international importance in the different committees. Through this dynamic, the participants were able to improve their techniques of negotiation, persuasion and problem solving, as well as to understand the different processes and activities that make up international cooperation.

These were the topics that were discussed by the formed committees: Disarmament and International Security Committee - Mercenaries & Drone Proliferation; High Level Political Forum-Deforestation of the Amazon & Urbanization; Commission on the Status of Women - Women and Climate Change & Reproductive Health in Developing Countries; United Nations Security Council-The Suez Canal & Post-War Hungary; World Health Organization - Access to health services in conflict zones and Increase in non-communicable diseases; and Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean - The war on drugs and Freedom of expression.

It is worth mentioning and emphasizing that the closing ceremony was chaired by the general director of ILMUNC Peru, Andrew Howard; the general secretary, Arman Ramenzani; and the Chief of Operations, Leah Sprague. The latter was in charge of announcing the winning delegations of each category.

The “Best International Delegation Award” was given to the New World Bilingual Educational Unit from Ecuador; the “Outstanding Small Delegation” to the Casuarinas College, the “Best Small Delegation” to the Antonio Raimondi Italian College, the “Outstanding Large Delegation” to the Villa María and Santa María Colleges, and the “Best Large Delegation” to the British Peruvian School.

This event is an important space for young students to put into practice their knowledge about the countries they represented, their culture, economy, and foreign policy. This is achieved through dialogue, debate and the search for solutions to global issues.


Carlos Sebastián Ramos Medina - San Pedro School
"The dynamics were very good, we received very good feedback from the committee. It was very interesting, it's one of the best conferences I've been to. I was in the Security Committee, which was quite moving, and in the end I liked it very much, everything was very creative. I liked the spaces, changing classrooms and being comfortable when debating. "


Juan Carlos Vidal Fernández – San Pedro School
"I loved this experience, I was part of a super dynamic committee. There were many creative and disruptive activities that have helped us to propose better solutions, such as directives, in order to be able to work as a committee and as a block, and thus jointly propose different solutions to the problems that were posed to us ".


Rodrigo Toledo Frías – Juan XXIII School
"It has been a very good experience, the chiefs have been fully trained, and I found the organization of the university quite good. I learned a lot about strategy, especially when I was with my colleagues, whom I also learned, since some of them had more experience. I won the honorable mention representing North Korea in the commission of the World Health Organization and that makes me very happy ".


Gian Marco Pasapera – San Agustin School
"It has been four days of hard sacrifice, a lot of negotiations and diplomacy, I learned a lot by getting involved in the role of a country like North Korea. I loved the conference and the spaces that the university offered us. Being on the WHO commission, I realized that health is something so important that it involves all countries and that has changed my world view".


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