Discover the new Music career of USIL

Conscious of the new trends and professional demands, USIL added to its curriculum the Music Career, a discipline oriented at training highly qualified professionals to perform in a highly competitive environment at national and international level.

José Ignacio López Ramírez-Gastón, director of the career, said that music is in a process of global development, which Peru and USIL must be part of. "We have started this ambitious educational project with the objective of instructing and empowering virtuous musicians who are able to master the new technologies and software specialized in music production, learn about the management of musical companies and turn their ideas into profitable businesses for the industry", he affirmed.

Currently, the Music career has more than 30 students, who study specialized courses from the first cycle, in order to acquire the professional profile demanded by the music business. In addition, the curriculum includes courses in English, encouraging bilingual training for students.
Also, the career has at its disposal classrooms and workshops equipped with recorders, drums, sound consoles, instruments, equalizers and other equipment necessary for musical practice.

During the academic period, several talks, workshops and presentations are dictated according to promote musical culture in their students and members of the USIL community. Among the events, important musicians such as Darko Saric, Jhonny Vásquez, Pedro Alvarado, Miguel Galdós, Los Drugos and Frank Edgar, stood out.
With this new career, USIL reaffirms its commitment to create innovative careers where students can prepare to compete in the diverse markets that demand highly trained professionals.


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