The career fair USIL Fest welcomed thousands of students

The San Ignacio de Loyola University (USIL) held a new edition of the USIL Fest and hosted thousands of students for four days on the Pachacamac campus.

The participants of the USIL Fest had the opportunity to meet the rockstars of this university, the deans and directors from more than 30 professional careers. They explained the student profile for each profession, the curriculum and the various post-graduation employment opportunities.


Details of the fair
En USIL Fest se expusieron stands ambientados que representaron a cada una de las facultades y las carreras de la USIL, incluyendo Medicina Humana y otras tres nuevas carreras. También se realizó el taller “Mi mapa de sueños” que, de una forma didáctica, ayudó a los participantes a descubrir sus habilidades y fortalezas, con el fin de identificar sus vocaciones.

At the USIL Fest, there were exhibition stands to represent each of the faculties and areas of study offered by USIL, including human medicine as well as three other new areas of study. Also, the "My dream map" workshop was held in order to help participants to discover their abilities and strengths so that they could identify their future professional vocations.

There was another module at the fair, the USIL Life, a presentation of the extracurricular activities that are popular among students in our education center. Additionally, the international module offered information about the Center for Global Education, the Double Degree granted by USIL, the Paul Bocuse Institute, and the benefits of attending USIL because of its 270 international alliances.

The event offered more than 30 experiential workshops, games and leisure activities which were available to all attendees, including parents accompanying their children. Additionally, the participants visited different engineering laboratories where they experienced what it’s like to work at these special facilities. Meanwhile, those interested in studying music received advice and created their own recordings, having the opportunity to live a day as stars.

The event concluded with the presentation of Tourista, the recognized Peruvian dance and indie pop band that performed songs such as "Explotar contigo", "Gato por Haber", "Cortar fresas", among others.

Finally, the rockstars of USIL invited the students to participate in an upcoming meet & greet, personalized meetings with representatives from each degree program where they can talk about any of their concerns about their future profession. The meet & greet sessions will take place in the La Molina campus soon.


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Feria de carreras USIL Fest acogió a miles de escolares